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Support Request submit fails

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I have tried 3 times to submit a support request.

After filling out all the fields, when I click on submit, it just sits there forever with 'working' icon spinning.  Bottom status says "Waiting for www.superantispyware.com.,"  but it never "takes." ????


I was trying to submit this:


Realtime protection hit on
C:\PhSp_CS2_UE_Ret\Adobe® Photoshop® CS2/instmsia.exe
as I was installing Photoshop CS2.

Manual scan does not flag it.
Virustotal does not flag it
I cannot submit it since it does not hit during scan--only realtime, which does not have a submit function.

Is there any action I should take with you to submit this?

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Sorry to hear you are having trouble submitting a support request.


For false positives, there is no need to submit a ticket, though.  Open SUPERAntiSpyware, click System Tools, then Submit Malware Samples.  Click + and navigate to the file.

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