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Start SAS with Windows/Run in the background

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Something I'm trying to wrap my head around here. If I check the box that says run in the background without starting SAS at windows startup the SAS real time protection doesn't work , correct? So what I have to do is start SAS with windows for the real time protection to work, but doesn't SAS always run in the background anyway? What is the advantage to checking the box run in the background? Trying to figure out what boxes I need to have checked in order for the SAS real time protection to work in conjunction with MSEssentials Anti-Virus, without having problems.

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When that setting is enabled, it really means "If you close the SAS window, the program is still running in the background". In this case, real-time protection would be active even though you don't see the application in your task bar (instead you'll see the icon in your system tray).


When that setting is disabled it doesn't show the icon in the system tray and instead the program reacts like any other "non background" style application (if you close the window, the program shuts down).  In this scenario, when you close SAS, real-time protection will be shut down as well.


SAS running in the background is the default/normal behavior, even with real-time malware detection turned off.

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