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when delete 18tdn threat and happen new problem.help plz!!

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i used  superantispyware for delete 18tdn threat and complete but happen New problems,redirect http.://.greatse:com replace 18tdn.com.

when i try to seach with google,It is the same



I can't access to ht.tp://.adf:ly/



i can't access to some site,if someone shortened links with adf.ly and sometime other shortened links



i used malwarebytes,superantispyware,adwcleaner and hitmanpro nothing found.

i try to clear  all browsing data ,cookie  cached passwords ((tick all option)) and same problem.


this problem happen to another browser not only srware iron(i use) ,when i try yandex and Pale Moon.

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Hi buddy! Try using one free software called  "adwcleaner". If you won't solve it try some other ones callled : "shouldIremoveit" and "herdprotect". They are very effective!Browse up the site address by google.




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There doesn't appear to be any issue with malware so what exactly are you asking?

I apologize for not checking that.this issue not about with malware but about DNS Server.
now,i thought,i can fix this.
so sorry

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