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Cannot Install SuperAntiSpyware - Internal Error 2103.23

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I have an infected laptop that has Drivecleaner and WinAntivirusPro 2007 installed; but I every time I try install SuperAntiSpyware, the installation fails with the Internal Error 2103.23 message.

I am able to install any other apps but SAS... Please help!

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believe me its the best Antispyware program there is.

Ya SAS is the best program there is :D

I third that.

I've successfully installed SAS on many systems that had both DriveCleaner and WinAntiVirus (among many other Trojan Horses and various malware). I don't think the error is Windows based.

As you should whenever you install a program, you might want to disable running applications from the System Tray. Especially security applications.

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