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I think my computer is compromised with a BOTNET :>((

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Hi Guys,


Been a while and think my computer has a botnet. I have SAS Pro version and up to date.

Here are the symptoms and what I have done:


1. In February the computer acted slow when on the Net [like on dail-up]. I have WaveBroadband Cable. Called them, they came out and installed a new router. No change. Would reboot router & modem, no change [sometimes worked but infrequently]. I used their High Speed Internet Tester and the "pings" have reached as high as 3000+ and as little as in the teens. The safe range is below 70.

2. Had wireless network connection [two computes and the one directly connected to the modem is 10 years old and NEVER has ping problems: ave. 35 pings]. Mine is relatively new & fast and never had problems before.

3. Disconnected wi-fi and now have LAN ethernet connection. No change.

4. One thing I have noticed is when I first get on the computer and the Net, no problem. Pings are low & computer is fast. After about 2 hrs. or less the "dial-up" [metaphor] slowness starts.

5. Installed latest drivers for integrated network card [Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller]. Haven't changed anything in BIOS  regarding the controller..

6. In the Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller properties card [control panel] I changed the "speed & duplex from "auto Negotiation" to "1.0 Gbps Full Duplex" and got positive results for a few hours.


Bottom line, everything everyone has advised me to do or change, I have done. Now I think maybe a botnet might be on the computer because of the inconsistency in speed. Like I said, after a while it begins to slow up.

Even used Microsoft Malicious Software Removal tool. Found nothing.

Oh, OS = XP SP 3 [ya, I will get Windows 7 soon]. BUT, the problem stared in February not since the support termination of XP.

Can anyone please help me here, this really has me and a few others baffled. Hope I included all the info you need.


Thanks again in advance,








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Really there's no way of establishing whether its a botnet or not without using a network packet tool and examining the TCP/IP flow.


Sysinternals is a good tool for checking inbound/outbound connections and processes


You could run a Full AV scan (you didn't mention that you had any installed) and see if any malware is on the system and contacting a C&C server.

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