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SAS (.com file) running in DOS when SAS not scheduled

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Why is an apparent MSDOS version of SAS running (when no antispy software is scheduled to run)?  Why the weird *.com name?  30M I/o reads reported in Task Manager (see attached jpegs).



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Just to clarify, the "SAS Alternate Start" is a trick to fool some malware that was blocking anything running with "superantispyware" in the program name.  So we rename it to that random number.  Additionally, there are some infections that hijack anything with and EXE file extension, so we gave it a COM extension instead (you can actually rename any Windows .EXE as .COM and it'll run exactly the same).


Unfortunately, while the alternate start does allow SAS to run in many cases where it was being blocked, the program then updates the computer's configuration with the now-bizzaro program name, and will continue to run the "wrong" EXE at startup (which could be an outdated version).  I would suggest closing SAS, going into your \Program Files\SUPERAntiSpyware folder and deleting the alternate-start temporary copy files, then run SUPERAntiSpyware.exe again.  Now, go into program settings and disable, then re-enable the option to start SUPERAntiSpyware when your computer starts.  This will ensure that SAS will save the correct filename in your computer config.

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