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Problem with SUPERAntiSpyware Scheduled Task

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By the past, I had SUPERAntiSpyware that I unstalled normally, but every night my pc wakes up and It cost a lot of electricity running all night.

I founded that it's because of a SUPERAntiSpyware Scheduled Task : "Power-Troubleshooter"

The message


System wakes up
Hour of wake up : ‎2014‎-‎03‎-‎04T01:00:28.159126400Z
Origin : Timer - Task Scheduler will launch « \SUPERAntiSpyware Scheduled Task a735b457-e095-486f-b202-0c8b663238d8 ».
On the windows task Scheduler I deleted the entries about SUPERAntiSpyware and even in the registry all the SUPERAntiSpyware entries I founded, but it still wakes up every night T_T
There is no sign of SUPERAntiSpyware anywhere on my computer :/

Need a huge help here.

Thank you.

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Check Task Scheduler from inside SUPERAntiSpyware.  From the Home screen > System Tools & Program Setting > Task Scheduler.  Make sure all scheduled tasks are disabled or deleted.

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