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Suspicious behavior

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I've reinstalled SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition today after a brownout triggered Recovery of the PC & shortcuts, etc. disappeared. While installing, the program tells deleting previous containing folder; I did. Now, I'm trying to do a new scan because threats previously removed by the program were back. After a couple of minutes running, the program pops a screen telling; "Submit Error Report To SUPERAntiSpyware" which I did, 1st. time without sending my Email address along and the 2nd. time sending my Email Address too. Both times, the program told to "Restart SUPERAntiSpyware" which I did but it hadn't re-started automatically. Two times I had the same situation and for the worse, I Don't See That Screens along the screenshots shown in your homepage. Should I consider this event suspicious? Any fix to allow a new scan? Your kind opinions are welcome. Thanks in advance.

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