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Definitions Update FAIL

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I am getting a failure notice when running definitions update prior to starting a scan of my computer.  Authenticating Connection says "Complete" in green, but Checking for Definitions Update says "Fail" and Definitions Update says "ERROR"....what am I doing wrong?

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What's the deal SuperAntiSpyware?  I've tried "clicking" the link that is supposed to connect me with Customer Support...all clicking the link does is sends me to the Support page to look at "commonly asked questions".....is there no 24/7 customer support???? 


I want to get my problem resolved, as a paying customer, I think I deserve to be able to contact support for what I paid for. 


I'll give YOU 24 hours to respond to me or I will be requesting a FULL REFUND.  I think it's rather ridiculous that I've run the complete scan 3 times, none of those times has the Definitions Update worked and none of those times has the program gotten rid of any of the malware/spyware, etc. that it has detected.



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