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Homepage Hijack: Is SAS the Problem?

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Hi - I have just joined and very much hope that someone can help me solve a problem. 


Last year I upgraded to SAS Professional and paid extra for the installation disk.  At the same time, I found that my homepage had suddenly changed from Yahoo to msn.  I spent ages trying to change it back, including taking the computer to a techie friend, but the problem was only resolved by going back to a restore point.  This meant that I lost the upgrade to Professional that I had downloaded.  When I tried to reinstall it some time later using the installation disk, the disk wouldn't run but somehow my homepage had once again changed to msn.


Until that point, it hadn't crossed my mind that SAS might be implicated, especially as the free version had worked fine for years.  I opened a customer support request (CSR00115005).  I ran the system diagnostic I was sent but all attempts to send the resulting 15.4MB file to SAS failed:  "Remote host said 552 Message too large - psmtp".  I sought advice and was then asked (3 times) which version of IE I was using.  Once I provided the information, I was sent a link to Microsoft's basic guide to changing your homepage.  I was not happy and asked them to try harder.  I was then advised to try enabling SAS's browser hijack protection.  I had already told them that I didn't have SAS installed because the disk wouldn't run.  Anyway, would the hijack protection even work if it is SAS itself that is changing my homepage?


Does anyone in customer support read back beyond the immediately preceding message?  I feel badly let down by SAS and wish I hadn't bothered to upgrade.  I am now nearly half-way through a subscription that has brought nothing but trouble!  Can anyone help me find a way out of this maze, please?



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Hi HenAderyn,


check in your list of installed updates for Bing desktop, remove that and you should be able to select whichever home page you want.

As for the SAS product issue you will have to wait for customer service to respond :)

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