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I think I'm infected: DRIVE CLEANER, please help!

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I have 2 computers. I have SAS Pro and Sandboxie on both.

On my Windows XP system I am not showign any symptoms. All websites load properly. No computer slowdown.

On my Vista System, when I go to www.hoovers.com, I reach the site successfully. Then a pop up displays for Drivecleaner. It gives alarming details about adult site, ilelgal sites, etc (none of which I visit), then it tries to install.

However, I believe that Sandboxie keeps it from installing. So it looks like Drivecleaner is trying to do a drive by install when I visit hoovers.com on my Windows Vista system, but not on my XP System.

Could I be infected?

Presently running a fuil system scan.

Please advise.

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I have now done the following:

1. Run a full system scan with SAS pro...came back clean

2. Submitted files for analysis via "find out what's running on my pc"

Will await further advise.

Thank you!

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