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I have a vey concerning problem. I update my anti-virus programs at a regular level, at least once a k sometimes more depending on when I get update advice. I have received 3 notifications this week from AntiSpyware and have updated each time. The problem is that I am getting a pop up window in the bottom right hand corner of my monitor stating that there is an update available even though I have the latest updates.


Does anybody have any suggestion as to how I can prevent this annoying pop up from showing itself each time I start my P.C. as AntiSpyware automatically loads itself on start up?

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I am using Program Version 5.7.1016 and the Database that keeps getting downloaded every single time I use my computer is 11027 and automatically is downloading the update from Mirror 1. As soon as the update installs I get a POP UP screen asking me to update so you can understand why I am concerned.

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