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Trojan.Agent/Gen-Reputation (ComboFix)

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hi- just ran SAS Free Edition "Quick Scan" today after doing an update. the result gave 3 "Critical Threats"--all tied to ComboFix files--

1. "COMBOFIX.EXE" in myDesktop folder

2. "combofix.exe" in my "HKLM/Software\MicrosoftWindows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\" folder

3. "SHORTCUT TO COMBOFIX.LNK" in my Desktop\ANTIV folder


i use WinXP Prof'l Edition w/ SvcPack3


I'm pretty sure the above are false positives, as I installed ComboFix on my PC a few years ago (although haven't run it for at least a year)


* I've clicked on the "Report False Positive" button for each of the above 3 threats

* will be curious to see if your SAS team confirms these 3 are indeed false positives?







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Hi caymus168,


Combofix will always show up like this with the majority of AV and AS programs due to the way Combofix works, incidently if you are not well adversed in using Combofix you should take advice on how to use it correctly as it does have the ability to 'Brick' a computer on rare occasions.


However this is indeed a False Positive :)

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