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I always get the same three tracking cookies.

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Hi Folks,

Seems that everytime I run SuperAntiSpyware, the same tracking cookies seem to show up. Is there any way to prevent these culprits from showing up? Please note I run several browsers: Avant, Opera, SeaMonkey, and Firefox. My Internet protection, anti-virus, is Avast Pro.


If it can't be done, is there a way to know which browser has the tracking cookies?


Thanks and my apologies if this question has been asked before,


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Hi frits73,


Tracking cookies aren't that much of a big deal but if SAS isn't showing which browser(s) is providing them you could try installing WinPatrol and select the cookies tab to see a list of browsers, currently this only works with IE and Mozilla browsers, however, as you are using SeaMonkey/FireFox both Netscape/Mozilla browsers and Avant is IE Trident engine based it may help track things down a little.


As for Opera it uses a different system so WinPatrol doesn't pick this up sadly.

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