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  1. Can I use my computer while scanning it? :)
  2. After I downloaded and installed SAS I saw
  • The SAS shortcut on my desk-top
  • A SAS.exe file on my desk-top and
  • A SAS icon in the system tray.

I discovered quickly that the SAS.exe file was the SAS installer. Was it ok to delete it?  :wacko:  


    3. I discovered that the SAS shortcut works fine and so does the icon in the system tray but the icon has additional     capabilities. Can I (should I) delete the shortcut and depend on the icon only? :mellow:


I'm using Windows XP and Firefox.


Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to SUPERAntiSpyware.



1.)  Yes


2.)  Yes, it's okay to delete the installer after the program has been installed.


3.)  You may leave the shortcut or delete the shortcut, it's your choice.

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