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eva brown

PC HealthBoost is a new Malware!!

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My Pc has been crashing a few times recently.Not sure how this software called PC HealthBoost got installed but I always try to keep away from installing such fake softwares which ruin your system like anything.After installation of this software, a scan through this software showed me tons of problems and when i clicked on fix error button it fixed only few errors(I don't know whether it fixed or made my system more prone to other malwares like itself) and asked me to buy this bogus software.
I am terrified and totally annoyed by this crap software.
Please Help.
Thank you.


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Hi eva brown,


PC Health Boost isn't a new malware it has been around for a long time now and there is some debate as to whether or not its considered malware, certainly its a PUP (potentionally Unwanted Program) or even Scareware but as to an actual piece of malware? its a thin line.


Have you tried to remove it with SAS?


Have you tried to uninstall it?


What options have you tried?

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