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Mysearchdial removal

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SUPERAntiSpyware could not remove MySearchdial from my system, no detection.

manual file name search and registry name search both failed.


Every time I started Chrome a new tab opened : start.mysearchdial.com


I managed to find where it was located :



Open a specific page or set of pages. Set pages


click Set pages and remove.

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Why do we have to create a ticket for something that should never have happened?  Plenty of other sites explaining how to remove this crapware, and nothing on this site?  I paid money to have this software to be "real-time" and yet it allowed this crapware to infest my browsers.  This is Adware/Malware, not a virus.


This threat isn't new, so there's no reason you guys (or please explain so I can retract my statements) should have taken a year to detect this threat and protect your paying or free users.

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