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False IE Home Page has changed popups

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Four times today I've gotten a warning popup that asks to ok the change in my IE 11 home page, even though there's been no change and two of the times I hadn't even opened IE11 yet (use Opera normally).

- in three cases, only the old page showed, the new line being blank, while the third time that was reversed;

- the home page showing in the popup is already the current home page in IE (http://yahoo.com).  

- all four times the popup came when I stopped the SAS Core service process in Windows Task Mgr


Any ideas?  Never seen this in several years with SAS Pro.  See screenshot.  Btw, the reason I've been stopping the Core process is because it's been running hot for now obvious reason and slowing my computer down.


Win 8.1 Pro x64

SAS Pro 5.6.1040

Core 10857

Trace 8669



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It may be because you are stopping the Core Serviceand so the Hijack protection is deciding you no longer need the listed Home page and is trying to reset back to a blank page. Although that would just be a guess from this end, it may be worth submitting a diagnostic report to get help with the issue.


Or, you have malware on your system causing the change.

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