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SuperAntispywarePRO / NOT automatically updating PROGRAM

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Hi Guys,


Didn't really notice until I started reading online about program updates 1034/1036/1038/1040 that I realized my paid, lifetime, SASPro was still at version 5.6.1032. I have my preferences set to check for BOTH definition and program updates (at different time lengths and intervals) and definitions were being updated but NOT the actual program. Please advise.

  • Also, the changelog (history) hasn't been updated here since August and version 5.6.1032




NOTE: I did manually update to the latest 5.6.1040 after original post.

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Please run our Force Update application:




Afterwards, make sure automatic definition updates are scheduled, you can access these settings from the Updates tab in Preferences.



If you are still having trouble, file a support request ticket here:



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I apologize that your post was not answered in a timely manner. While SUPERAntiSpyware does automatically check for program updates for PRO users, it does not automatically update the program. You should see a notification from the tray icon that indicates an application update is available. This notification allows you to install the update.

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