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Problem in Superantispyware in vista

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I am running the pro version of Superantispware on Vista Home Premium. It runs fine as an administrator. When it installed I put the check on for Everyone to use the program. I have a Standard User Account on this computer and when logging off from the administrator to this standard user, Superantispyware will not show the "bug" in the right hand corner. Also when double clicking the icon for the program Windows comes up- You can only use this application as an administrator and nothing happens.

I went back in as the administrator and gave the standard user full permission but it still comes up with the same message.

When I was running the free version on this computer, I wound up checking on- run as an administrator and when going into the standard account was allowed to put in the administrator password to run it but that defeats Vista.

With a standard user I do not want him/her to have the administrator's password because then this person now has access to everything on the computer.

I have put the free one on another Vista Home Premium computer and found the same thing.

I have tested this out in XP and the limited user still has access to run the program and get updates.

Is this a bug? in vista?


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