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Local Moxie

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Since a week I have local moxie.

Superantispyware did not detect this, but it's very annoying with those double underlined words at all visited websites and when hoover over the underlined words a popup with local moxie appears.

Local moxie is able to get all your personal data, change all your browsers and get direct input from your bank account.

I have blocked it for now with adblockplus https://adblockplus.org/en/chrome, but it is still there tried overlapping removers but it stays somewhere......


I am using superantispyware PRO for several years now and I would like the SAS-team to implement detecting and removal of local moxie.

I think this would very be appreciated by many users, most are not aware they have this, thinking it's part of the website they are visiting.


Is this possible to implement detecting and removal ?

and is this the correct thread for this topic ?

Please let me/us know.

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