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PC Freezing during Complete Scan

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I am new to this software and have the free version to see how I like it. The quick scan is fine. I tried a complete scan and freeezes up after a while. Any ideas why or what to do.? I run AVG and malwarebytes regualrly. With that said, the complete scan on malware bytes also freezes.

Anyone know if I should try to run TH SAS  scan for infection?

Any in put would be appreciated.

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You might try disabling AVG or any other anti-trojan program running at the same time as SAS.  Leave your anti-virus running (unless it is AVG) and retry the scan. Malwarebytes and SAS run well together. I've had problems with AVG.  MS Security Essentials runs well with SAS. I use both a anti-virus and a anti-trojan. If it hangs up, run task manager and see if any process is taking 100% of the CPU cycles.

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