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Superantispyware is knocking off Teamviewer

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I have a bunch of clients on Superantispyware Pro and free, When Superantispyware runs in complete scan, it is crashing the Teamviewer Remote Desktop Program

I was on a 2 clients computers doing a full scan (i do this once a month) and all of a sudden I found that I was no longer connected to each of them.

I called the client, superantispyware was still running the scan, both clients had internet, I had them open firefox to check but I was not connected to them anymore.  They both were able to bring up Teamviewer but nothing worked in it.

I waited till the scan was completed, all it found was cookies and asked them to restart the computer

Once both computers restarted all was well.


Again this happend on two seperate times but it both happened this week so it must be one of the updates of this week that caused it because it had not ever happened before

There is also nothing in event viewer to show this



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i just exluded teamviewer on all my client computers at least till you figure out why this is happening

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