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Warning box on cold boot

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I get a warning box on boot up that says:

"There is no disk in the drive.
Please insert a disk into drive


Not sure what that is.

Continue-Cancel-Retry are the button selections at the bottom.

Superantispyware starts soon after the box goes away by hitting any of those buttons several times.


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You don’t say what OS you are using, if you have added any new devices like printer etc., or if you have an external hard drive


Is it the same Hard disk# and DR# every time?  If not it could indicate you have a virus of some kind.


Does it show an error # when this happens?


DR means removable drive.


Check your USB devices and card reader, or remove and re-plug all USB devices.

If you have added any new devices printer etc. unplug them and see if that’s the problem.


If that doesn’t solve the problem check what the USB, DVD/CD-ROM hard drives show up as in device manager.  When you click on their property’s it should say “This device is working properly”  Update their drivers while you are there.


If you using a designated external USB hard drive refer to article.


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I'm using Vista.


I uninstalled and the computer restarted normally.

I reinstalled, and the box came up and said the same thing before the new install started.


I have 2 internal drives, and one external backup drive.

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