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JacK S

Old Versions of installer (SASDEFINITIONS.EXE)

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What is the official last, Core/trace, Version level usable with SAS 4.56.1000 ?


Actually I am running, on my old WinME (Millenium) machine (under KernelEx 4.5.2 with XP emulation option), the SAS 4.56.1000 Core 8206 Trace 6018. I am no shure that is the last Core/Trace level possibly running on the SAS 4.56.1000 because after beginning of October 2012 the installer has changed of format. Presently this conduces that the normal update and the installer SASDEFINITIONS.EXE doesn't work.


Also, could you indicate me the manner to possibly download the last one possible installer (SASDEFINITIONS.EXE) dated beginning of October 2012.


JacK S

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