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How to get rid of intext ads?

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I've ben getting intext ads that come from //intext.nav-links.com does anyone out there know how I can get rid of them?

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Hi cers0001,


Check your add-ons for anything to do with those adverts or for any new add-ons that have been installed without your knowledge.

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cers0001, first, look in windows "add/remove" to see if any toolbars are listed there and uninstall them, unless they are toolbars that you want installed..


then use "adwcleaner" and "junkware removal tool" to remove the "scumware" on your computer:


here is a link for "adwcleaner" :




here is a link for "junkware removal tool" :




when you run "junkware removal tool", it will generate some files which apparently are used for undo-ing any changes that are made, if necessary.. you can just delete those..


you also could run a scan with "malwarebytes" :


here is a link for downloading "malwarebytes" :




another useful program which you could run a scan with is "hitmanpro" :




eset's online-scanner is another program that you could run a scan with:




there are other free programs that you could use to run scans with, from kaspersky, emsisoft, microsoft, sophos..


if you want further assistance, you could ask for help in one of the forums where "experts" help people with removing malware-infections.. two of those are "geekstogo" and "bleepingcomputer" :






there are several other similar forums where "experts" help people with removing malware-infections.. one other one is "techsupportguy" :




one website that has information about removing malware is "malwaretips" :




"malwaretips.com" also has a forum where people can get help with removing malware..


p.s. you could post the logs from when you run "adwcleaner" and "junkware removal tool" to show us what they find.. i would like to know which "scumware" is generating the "intext.nav-links.com" ads..

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looking back on it, after having read more about "intext.nav-links.com", i don't think that my earlier post was appropriate .. i had assumed that a "scumware" program was generating the ads..


after reading more about "intext.nav-links.com", i would say..you could add "intext.nav-links.com" to your HOSTS file, if you use a HOSTS file to block malicious URL's..


also, if you use "firefox," along with the "adblock plus" addon, you could ad "nav-links.com" to a custom blocklist, in "adblock plus"..

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Hi! My name is Mariano, I´m from Argentina, so excuse me for my english. Well, a few days ago my chrome browser just start to show the same ads like you.

This was my solution: Go to Extensions and disable the one that looks like "Lyrics pal".

F5 to refresh any website that was showing you ads and tell me how it comes.

Hope to help you, from Baires... Nano!

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