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Scan Location Deleted Automatically

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Hello, Newb Here...


I have Windows XP 2003 and today I noticed that when I did a full scan today that there was a scan location missing. ie Normally on a full scan the scan location cell has 4 locations showing (C,D,E, and the other I am embarrassed to say... I have forgotten the name of the scan location drive missing).

I have become a creature of habit and my eye has been programmed to see the 4 scan locations when I do a full scan from the day I downloaded SAS.

I do not have an (F Drive) so that could not be the one missing location, I just know only 3 appeared today when I updated SAS and activated the full scan.

Does anyone know what, and why this deletion of scan locations has occurred.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration regarding this issue.


Best Regards,





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As far as I'm aware nothing has changed, only you would know just what drives you are/do scan.

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