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SAS 5.6 1020 Won't Respond

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For months I have noticed that after initially behaving as expected during the day I find right clicking the system tray icon gets me nothing. The only signs of life is by hovering over the system tray icon displays the version info but the program menu fails to display. To do a manual scan I end up launching the product a second time.

This means that to either scan or update manually I must go through hoops or if I have Windows Explorer open, quite often the case, I can right click on a file or a folder, etc. and scan.


I wish the system tray icon actually responded all of the time like the rest of my items since it is disconcerting and prompts questions as to what other portions of SAS 5.6 isn't working.


Before I uninstall and reinstall again I'd appreciate some insight into this behavior.

Database Version 10610 - 07-14-2013


Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit

Service Pack 2

4 gig memory



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