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Odd Folder Error?

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Hey, I've been using SAS for quite some time now, and am very satisfied with it. I have an odd issue though: On my desktop (in windows explorer, not the desktop screen) When I click once on my User Folder, (not double click) It gives me this message:



The wierd thing is, I'm NOT opening a file, but a folder. I'm 99% sure I'm not infected, but I don't want to take any chances. I have SO much security software, I doubt many things would go unnoitced. If this is normal, please explain why, and if not, please explain what could have gone wrong. Thanks!


P.S: If I type that in the Address bar in WIndows explorer, I can access that folder without an error. So, I'm still a bit confused...

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What security software do you have running together ?

Antivirus: AVG

AntiSpyware: SuperAntiSpyware

Firewall: Zone Alarm

MIsc: EXE Radar, Exploit Shield, Sandboxie, CCleaner.


Also, I tried the Shift+Delete on the icon, but it wouldn't go away (no error message)

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