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How to get rid of a spyware/adware programme?

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Hi guys......ive got this rogue programme on my laptop called Yontoo :evil: but when i try and uninstall it,it keeps saying "set up initalization error" and theres a bong sound........ive got AVG Free,Ad-Aware Antivirus Free and also got SuperAntiSpyware running but it never seems to find this programme????


Ive googled this Yontoo :evil: and its quite a nasty programme i believe......ive tried everything i know what to do but to no avail.


Any help much appreciated. :idea:  :idea:  :idea:  :idea:

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Hi Endorphins77,


You are correct Yontoo is a horrible PUP/toolbar/downloader (the list could go on).


First thing is to go through your browser(s) and check to see what search engines you have and any add-ons/accelerators you have easiest way if you're unsure is to download DDS and post the DDS and the text log here so we can see what file names are causing the issue(s).

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