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Real time protection IDs Trojan but full custom scan does not

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First off to be clear the malware Trojan I'm about to refer to is real and actually did infect my machine and I saw it do it via its graphical representation that is quite clear.

The problem: As soon as it hit and was downloaded to my Windows my real time protection Superantispyware Professional instantly warned me with a pop up about it. (I have the latest verson of Superantispyware and defintions.)

OK, no problem I will just run a complete scan of the system and get rid of it.

I ran full scans of Superantispyware Professional, MSE, and Malwarebytes. All with current definitions. The malware was not detected but it was clearly still in my system.

I think through a variety of efforts I got rid of it but am not sure. To be clear it was NOT a false positive. (V9.com browser hijacker.)

Question: How can the program detect it with the real time protection but then not be able to identify it and remove it. Nor could two other good AV or malware programs?

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Hi Rookie46,


Remove V9 browser and all of its add-ons, you may find a program called Proxy tools (sometimes) remove this.


V9 is a very malicious site and browser please stay away from such places.


As to why Real time detected it and nothing else ??

Could be because nothing was actually downloaded but the site was stumbled upon and it got detected in your Temp folder and subsequently removed.

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