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Update failed

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When I've tried to update through the program I get errors like this




When I try to download the manual update, the page will not load





Assuming it must be a server problem or something? Everything else is working perfectly.


Edit: Just now, the in-program update managed to complete, but the manual update page is still not loading.

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I started having the same problem this week with the Free Edition.  SAS support sent me a "force update" routine that worked, however, the next time I tried to update, I got the error again.  So yesterday I uninstalled/reinstalled, and thought that had done the trick.  Nope.  Tried to run the update this AM and got the same error shown above.


This is clearly an issue with the software as multiple users/locations are seeing the problem.  It might be that the mirrors are blacklisted and firewalls are blocking access to them.  Just a thought.

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