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Overcoming w32/blaster

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Have pseudo security block. Got by it once with sas pro, but it didn't remove it. Now w/32/blasted message is there and I can't get anywhere. Anyone else had this problem? Been 5 days since I reported it to sas and still no response.

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Hello Nancybmn,


w32/blaster.Worm (Symantec detection) is a network worm that can spread to a computer running Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows XP that does not have Security Update MS03-026 installed. It performs a denial of service (DoS) attack against windowsupdate.com, if the day of the month is greater than 15 or if the month is greater than 8.

This threat has been covered by all Antivirus software companies and eradicated in 2007.


Questions before we continue:

  1. Do you have windows XP
  2. Does it have the SP2 or SP3 update installed

NOTE: Windows XP with only the SP2 update, stopped receiving updates from MS as of April of last year

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