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I am disappointed.


When I click on the top button on this webpage:




and download the so-called "portable" version and double click on the resulting *.exe

then a full non-portable version is installed!


It has its own uninstall entry and settings are not saved in the installation dir.


Super annoys. Why can't the authors not create a really portable version?


Do they think the users are stupid and will not recognize the non-portable installation?



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Hello pstein.


Please follow these instructions:


Download the Scanner

Click the SAVE button when prompted. If you are using a browser other than Internet Explorer then prompt may be different.



Wait for the Scanner to Download

The scanner will download in just a few seconds



4. Copy the Scanner to a USB/CD or other media to use on the infected system.

Copy the scanner to the media of your choice so you can run it on the infected system.  This is done by drop and drag.   
If you double click the installer package, of course it is going to install
Please note : The scanner is saved under a random filename so that malware infections won't block the scanner.

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