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Helpful (I hope!) suggestion

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Love your product but I do have a suggestion.


Under "Check for Updates" there is a line that informs the user how recently SAS ... well, checked for updates. Like this morning mine said "Last checked 8 minutes ago."


However, I'm one of those paranoid types who SHUTS OFF his Internet connection at night. Yeah, I know some experts suggest it's safer to leave the connection "on" 24/7 so software like SAS can update itself as soon as needed. Well, when I turn my Internet on FIRST THING I do is update my a-v software and run quick scans. (I did say I was paranoid!)


So.... "Last checked 8 minutes ago" does NOT mean "Last updated 8 minutes ago" because there was no Internet connection available to use to update. So presumably SAS ATTEMPTED to update 8 minutes ago and failed. This is confirmed by the fair amount of time the update takes once I've reactivated my Internet connection.


My helpful (I hope!) suggestion is maybe to inform the user that while SAS did indeed ATTEMPT to update 8 minutes ago it was unable to do so due to "No Internet connection." I would think this would be simple enough to code.


Thanks for making a great product!

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