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Alan D

Another success story

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My daughter (who knows nothing about computers and doesn't live nearby) has been running AVG Free along with Defender (with rtp switched on, and an automatic daily scan). (Yes I know, that's not enough protection.) She also has Spybot, but had let her scanning routine lapse. After a conversation with me, in which I suggested that she really needed more protection, and to scan regularly, she updated and scanned with Spybot and it found a few items (not just cookies). She used Spybot to remove them, and it seemed to work; but some returned the next day. So she phoned me.

We spent several hours on the phone, on and off, as I talked her through a variety of checks (the severely partially-sighted leading the blind, you could say). The first thing we did was install Superantispyware on her machine, which found and cleared out two more threats (Spyware Stormer and Shopathomeselect), and also AVG Antirootkit, which was clear. As far as I can see, Superantispyware seems to have done the job. It did a clear complete scan after a restart, and both the Panda online scanner, and Spybot, gave a clear result too. The following day, after a reboot or two, it was still clear. So it looks good so far, and now, having been bitten, she's seriously planning the building up of some more solid defences.

Two things emerge from this.

1. Superantispyware simply did the job. No fuss. No panic. No errors. No 'cannot remove' messages; no comeback after reboot. It just did it. I'm rapidly coming to regard it as the most reliable best friend to have on a computer.

2. Through all this infection, day after day, Defender carried on without so much as blinking. It detected nothing, neither in real-time mode, nor in its daily scan. Certainly my daughter's computer was too vulnerable, but the simple fact is that having Defender on board was a complete waste of time. Yet she is typical of the kind of person that Defender was supposed to have been designed for. I've been using Defender from its beginning, through its beta stages, and have become comfortable with it, running alongside the AVG Security suite; but this experience does make me wonder about its value.

The upshot of all this: thanks very much Nick. As far as I can see, SAS is everything it's claimed to be.

(I wish we could get rid of the stupid red MacAfee flag on this website. Takes some beating for sheer inappropriateness!)

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and who told you, Alan to use Superantispyware? (hint hint) :)


I make no secret of my debt to you Robin. See here


where I said:

This is the second time (to my knowledge) that Robin has reported a really impressive performance by SuperAntiSpyware, and it's had the effect of increasing my confidence in it very considerably. (So far I haven't had any infections of my own for it to remove.)

Here's many thanks to Robin for the excellent reporting of this experience (very valuable to the rest of us)

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