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SAS Using 100% of CPU

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I'm using the paid version of SAS, which is 5.6.1014 on Windows 7 64-bit.

Every time I open my laptop from sleeping, SAS starts running in the background, but you cannot see it in the taskbar. Windows gives me a warning that the program is using a lot of my resources. NIS is also giving me a warning with their Performance Alert that it's using 100% of one of my CPU's. I have to go into Windows Task Manager in order to shut it down, but it starts itself again each time Windows comes out of sleep again.

I tried opening the program from the start menu to see if there was something checked to make it scan on its own, maybe if I missed a scheduled scan or something and it's attempting to make up for that, but I can't tell because after I end the program (from Task Manager) and then I start it up from the Start menu (and CAN see it in my taskbar at that time), I cannot get the program to open the main screen at all. If I right click on the icon, it does nothing. If I click on the icon, it does nothing. I cannot open the program to see the settings.


As of right now, it's using over 600,000 KB of memory and continues to grow as long as it's running.

Any suggestions as to what could be causing this?


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I ended up rebooting my computer. Well, actually, it rebooted itself as soon as I ended the program from Task Manager. After the reboot, I didn't experience SAS starting up by itself each time it came out out of sleep yesterday evening.

Just a few minutes ago, it updated itself and am now running version 5.6.1020. I'll see how that goes.


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