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SAS Pro... The right methodology

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I have KIS 7 installed... and after searching around for a good antispyware to complement kis, I noticed something... most of the best rated ones are taking on more and more tasks... that is, they would be encroaching more and more on KIS speciality territory... But then after having a look at SAS and the idea behind it, that is, make it good for spyware adware etc... in a way that is still compatibe with other products... I went ahead and bought it with lifetime license!

It seems to be a good product... so keep it up guys.


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Good call! I've got KIS 7 installed too along with SAS Pro are they both work perfectly together. Incidentally, I found out about SAS pro from reading one of the Kaspersky forums and other users who use the two together.

Tried Spy Sweeper before but it just slowed by PC right down but using SAS everything's back to being snappy again.

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