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General Remarks of a New User of SuperAntiSpyware

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I've had SAS Pro in and running for a week now and I'd like to make a few comments from my limited experience with this anti-spyware program.

I'm currently running Windows XP-SP2 HE, IE 7 Beta 3, Office 2003, NIS 2006, ProcessGuard V3.405, Ghost Security V1.110 Beta (RegDefend active only), TrojanHunter V4.5, Hostman V2.1 with a very large HOSTS file, Phishguard V2.1.17, SpywareBlaster V3.51, IE-Spyad (ZonedOut), CMS BounceBack SATA external backup drive. Dell Dimension 8200, 1.5 gbyte DRAM, 2.6 ghertz P4, ATI 9800 Pro, Linksys BEFSX41 firewall/NAT router, and lots of HDD space.

I consider my security priority lineup over and above Windows to be:

1. Firewall/Nat Router

2. Software Firewall/Anti-virus/anti-spyware realtime and scan

3. Process Guard (perhaps AppDefend after beta or final release)

4. RegDefend

5. Anti-Spyware/Anti-Trojan realtime and scan.

My system runs 24/7. I run nightly automated sequential security scans with NIS 2006, TrojanHunter, and SAS followed by a BounceBack full system backup.

I have active licenses for KIS V6.0, Spy Sweeper, ewido, CounterSpy and a few others of the anti-spyware cadre of programs. Over the months I've trialed/utilized various combinations of security programs attempting to effect a good, reliable multi-layer of security and system performance.

Based on the last week of SAS utilization, I am forming a most positive feeling that I have finally found an anti-spyware program that meets and possibly exceeds my expectations as part of my multi-layering objectives.

SAS Pros:

- Integrates silently with other security programs on my system.

- Requires relatively minimal resources.

- CPU utilization and disk access is unnoticeable

- Realtime monitor does not interfere or noticeable impact other security program scans or full system backup.

- Scan time by SAS is well within acceptable timeframe.

- Update frequency of definitions/rulesets strongly indicates that SAS is being maintained current with emerging threats.

- None of the constant "nag approval" pop ups frequently issued by various anti-spyware programs.

- Is not overloaded with optional protect "this and that" features that overlap many other security programs standard features.

The only element that I have not been able to "get a handle on" is SAS's spyware detection and removal competence. Except for an occasional tracking cookie, my system has not incurred an infection for well over 18 months. Therefore, thus far I am not able to personally evaluate SAS's capabilities in its sole purpose on my system. However, I definitely cannot state this as a Con for SAS.

Thus far I am quite pleased with SAS ! :)

I am hopeful that SAS will start being included in some of the reviews and detection/removal evaluation reports that show up every now and then on the Net and PC magazines. I certainly do not have the expertise or equipment to establish a test bed of infections to perform this type of evaluation myself. :wink:

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