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I also use SpyBot Search and Destroy and it has found that I have Snap.do but SuperAntiSpyware has not detected it. It's not an easy virus to remove in fact, while SpyBot detects it, it dosen't remove it. So my questions are (1) why does SuperAntiSpyware not detect it, (2) will you be adding this threat into the next build and then provide a means to get rid of the virus? Thank you.

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Hi HappyIn604,


Snap.do is Not a virus although it is a horrible program. You are correct tho, it should be detected as a PUP as should ALL Toolbars in my opinion (there is just no need for them in todays browsers).


I'm sure the Malware team will be mulling things over as to whether or not to add such things, maybe one of them will pop up and acknowledge your post and explain who's, why's what's, when's and how's. :-)

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happy, i don't think it helps when all you say is that spybot is flagging something that SAS isn't flagging.. you need to post data from the spybot log-file, showing exactly what is being flagged by spybot..


there could be a simple explanation for SAS's not flagging something that spybot flags, like maybe it is a spybot-false-positive, or maybe spybot is flagging something that SAS doesn't think should be flagged.. without knowing exactly what is being flagged, by looking at data from the spybot log-file, there is no telling why SAS is not flagging something that spybot is flagging..


first, i am NOT an "expert" in helping people to remove malware.. i am not one of those folks who helps people with removing malware.. so, i am not saying this as someone who is knowledgable about removing malware-infections..


i had never heard of "snap.do", until now.. i used google-search to pull up some information about it, just now.. maybe you have already gone to some forum to request help with removing "snap.do".. if so, that is fine.. if you haven't and you want to try to remove it yourself, i can offer some suggestions that might help to at least partially remove it..


first, see if there is a "snap.do" entry in windows "add/remove", where you can run an uninstall for "snap.do".. if so, run the uninstall..


second, run a scan with "adwcleaner"..


third, run a scan with "malwarebytes"..


forth, if you are using "firefox", look in firefox's "addons" and, if there is a "snap.do" in FF's "addons", uninstall it from there..


for more advanced things that might could be done to remove "snap.do", i suppose you should ask for help with that in one of the many forums where people can get assistance with removing malware from their computers.. i will just mention one of them, which is "bleepingcomputer"..


p.s. i hope that SAS won't mind my mentioning "malwarebytes"..

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