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Old trojan/virus

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hi, a couple of years ago my win7 laptop was overtaken by a virus which prevented any anti spyware from running. fortunately i was  able to turn it off from msconfig. so it was still on the computer but contained. unfortunately non of the anti spyware picked it up whilst i was looking for a solution. 


i have now allowed it to run at startup to see if its still there. however the folder it points to appears empty and subsequently there is no noticeable symptoms that i  can report currently


it bothers me that its still on the msconfig startup items list


the program is called:









google searches for nmufvroj EBQHOPQPY ARFHNPCLANW.EXE draw a complete blank


what is it? and what should i do with it?




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now its got microsoft security essentials, cant remember what was used when the infection first manifested. it might be that there was no AV or possibly it might have had avg at the time

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