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Real-Time Protection "catches" Norton Hotfix.exe?

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Once in a "while" (maybe every 3-4 weeks) I get a Real-Time Protection warning popup from SAS that it has caught




and quarantined the file.


This file always appears to be connected to Norton 360 in some way. The most recent incident isolated 4 files all named as follows. This is what appears under SAS quarantine:




The only difference in the 4 filenames is in the 4 digits following "PATCH".


I also found a hotfix.exe reference in the Windows PREFETCH directory which remained even after the quarantine. I deleted it.


What I'm wondering is this a "real" Norton patch release being caught as a false positive by SAS? I know Hotfix.exe is connected to a fake anti-virus program but I see no evidence of THAT program on my system.


I run SAS Pro edition along with Norton 360 and Malwarebytes Pro and I keep them all updated and current.





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