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please keep detecting PUP adware

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i notice that several apps like CutePDF Writer dont even mention that they are including stuff like OpenCandy or BetterInstaller etc in their installers so i try to upload them to Jottiv or VirusTotal and then i see that most of the AV's are not flagging these adwares/spywares any more (maybe they are bought off?). So please keep ratting them out - this will be a major reason i keep buying SAS.

also, would be good to have a truly portable Pro version if possible. i want to support SAS but i dont like installing stuff into Windows C: drive unless absolutely necessary - perhaps SAS needs to install drivers or services to be fully powerful (?) but if there is a portable version that i can use as on-demand only and it will also update the definitions without my having to download the complete SAS program again, this would be the best.

also, your updater program is the best - for some reason both MBAM and Comodo want me to download large files (several MB's+) just to get incremental updates. makes no sense and is a drag on resources and my monthly bandwidth as well.

lastly, the newest GUI looks excellent. i hadn't used SAS too much in last year or so so perhaps its not too new, but its definite upgrade over the previous. Would be good if you brought back lifetime licenses also if possible. in that case i just support you about $10/year anyway if you are one of the AV's or anti-malwares that i use most at the current time.


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