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What happens if I am not at my computer when the scan finishes?

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Two scans ran today and they both detected 55 threats (cookies). Apparently, if I am not at my computer the scan screen just disappears and nothing is done. Is that correct?

If so, I sure don't like that feature. I schedule the scans because I leave my computer on 24/7 (except when it's storming) and I'm often not at my computer when a scan finishes.

If I'm not thinking right could someone please enlighten me? I've used SAS free for a long time and recently purchased the Pro version.

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The option to adjust this feature is within the "Schedualed Tasks" section of the UI.

Select the task and hit edit. Below is the options for a task. The checkboxes that should interest you are "Do not show user interface while performing this task.", "Quarantine and remove infected files without prompting.", "Reboot the computer if required to complete task."

For the type of application I think SAS has great schedualing with decent granularity for a simple malware removal program. It was well worth purchasing Pro if not for moral reasons if you use it often.

I'm not sure why you would need to run two ondemand scans in a day though. I'm curious, are you a Firefox user? and if so... Have you ever heard of NoScript and Adblock Plus? If your surfing habbits give you reason for concern then you clearly need to checkout these solutions.

I can't imagine surfing the web with anything other than Firefox with these "Add-ons".


Adblock Plus






Firebug ← every webdev needs that !

The skin I use is FT Deepdark.

Firefox has gone through so many versions and builds that last number of years and due to changes being made and the resulting user profile folders and config getting corrupted or having screwy settings/values, many users move onto Chrome. These users didn't understand the reason they have had firefox issues is their user profile and config has been used since version 3 because they never uninstalled it and removed the firefox %appdata% folder et al.

I think it's time these users revist Firefox.

The way I have firefox configured as well as Nod32, Outpost Pro, MBAM realtime and OpenDNS in all honesty I don't think it's possible for me to follow an HREF in firefox to a resulting infection.

I feel safe to hit any URL I can click on and don't result to a SAS ondemand scan TWICE A DAY...


PS it's a good idea to reboot a computer at least every three or four days IMHO if only to reinitialize the kernel et al. A workstation isn't an embedded appliance like device ehh !!! (Linux for the most part... heck I've seen uptimes for routers measured in YEARS in some instances though rare)


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