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Submitted malware EXE several times, it was never added

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I have a known EXE virus/trojan, that I submitted via the Submission Tool. This was months ago. I tested with SAS, and it does not detect it yet.

I tried submitting 1-2 more times - nothing.

Also, the Submission Tool does not allow us to add any comments/text. Maybe you should add that option.

Your competitors detect and remove this trojan EXE file just fine.

Any suggestions how I can get this trojan EXE added to your SAS definitions?

EDIT: It is this one:


Goes with EXE name of main.exe or svhost.exe (maybe others too).

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Hi Naki,

Would it be possible for you to send a password-protected .zip file via email? If so, could you send me a pm here?



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