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Suggestion-- Auto-Shutdown after a MANUAL scan

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Many of us scan in manual mode, not by schedule. This is preferable because our office routines are too unpredictable for scheduled scans, in most cases.

Typically, we leave the computer on a full system scan as we leave in the evening, to scan after hours. Since a full system scan takes no longer than three hours to complete, the machine is left idle and running the rest of the night, after scan completion. This is not a desirable situation for most users.

Aside from general considerations of power waste and vulnerability to nighttime storms / lightning / power interruptions, an auto-shutdown is good general practice-- an idle, running machine is a more vulnerable system.

Suggestion-- in paid ("Lifetime") versions, provide a feature with manual, full-system scans to permit automatic system shutdown on completion. This should not be difficult, since the only option offered now (on scan completion) is to "Take care of threats" (or words to that effect)-- initiated by a single button.

This seems a useful, well-managed forum, and developers give prompt attention to most requests. Among all the submitted ideas are some really good ones, and I hope SAS developers continue to be receptive. A product team with a healthy attitude toward its customer base is a product which will continue to grow.

As Microsoft discovered much earlier, there is no better situation than a paying "beta" user base for product refinement and improvement.

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