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Portable version is NOT portable!

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When I go to webpage


and download and install

SUPERAntiSpyware Portable Scanner Personal Edition

then this version is NOT portable.

After installtion there is an "Uninstall" entry and services are installed.

I expected a *.zip file and not an *.exe file as "portable" software to download.

Furthermore this version is still v5.5. although there is already a version v5.6 out.

Where do I find a really portable version v5.6?


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Simple answer is purchase the Tech version, although I don't know what build version it will be.

The portable version hasn't been portable for a loooooong time now and doesn't lokk like it will be changing back, sadly.

Check the other pages on the forum topics and you will see quite a few 'disgruntled' SAS users of the original (truly) portable version vent their dislike at such a change.

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