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Finishes scanning but closes without deleting threats

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I have a very weird problem.

About 3 out of 4 times when the software finishes a complete system scan, it would suddenly just close itself without displaying that summary pop-up page, or deleting any of the threats. Usually when a scan is finished it would say something like how many threats were found, then proceed to trying to delete all the threats. The program doesn't completely shut down, just the scanning window closes itself. The completed scan log is still there since the scan technically finished, but as mentioned none of the threats were removed. This is kind of annoying as a whole system scan takes hours and I gotta do it all over again and hope next time it doesn't close itself.

Anyone know why this is happening?

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Are you running a Scheduled Scan? When you run a manual scan, it will show you what was detected on the summary screen and prompt you to remove the threats. When you run a Scheduled Scan, threats are removed automatically by default.

Oh ok, that explains it! Yeah I was running daily scheduled scans.

Is there an option to enable the summary screen? What if there are "threats" that are just false alarms and I don't want them deleted? I know from previous experience that it detected some Skyrim mods as viruses and I had to add them to exceptions list.

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