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Help! Agent/Gen-Kryptik

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Hi! I'm way behind in updating program. I'm on ver. 5.5.1022 and database 9126. When I went to update I was unable to do so, so I did a scan & found Trojan.Agent/Gen-Kryptik. I quarantined all the files that were affected only to find on forum here it was a false positive. When I go to restore the files I quarantined, I get the message: Do you wish to remove (delete) the restored items from the quarantine? Do I say yes to this question? Does it permanently erase all the files or does it just take them away from the quarantine file and back to where they belong?

I'm supposing then I'm going to have to download the new version since my updater is not updating? I'm afraid to do this until I get those other files restored properly. Can somebody help? Thanks!

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