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SAS 5.6.1008 and Win2000

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Happy to report that ver 5.6.1008 is updating normally now on my Win2000ProSP4 system.

When Don Fowler suggested I update to the Beta ver 5.6.1006, I dedided to try it since SAS would usually not update and would give me an error message and was asked to send a report, which I did many times in the last yr or so.

I then updated to ver 5.6.1008 and it is also working as it should. I now have it set to update automatically.

Before if I wanted to update the defs, I would have to go to the website, dl and save the defs, and then manually install them. It would work most of the time, but sometimes SAS would not re-start by itself after the update and I would have to manually start the SAS program itself from its shortcut.

I am using the SAS Pro Lifetime version.

Thanks again,


PS: I don't know what they changed to make it work on my system, but I believe it was probably something simple.

Still, I would like to know. :)

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